FreeStyle Libre Sensor

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This product should be disposed of in accordance with all applicable local regulations related to the disposal of electronic equipment, batteries, sharps, and materials potentially exposed to body fluids.

This means the used applicator and sensor pack should be disposed of in a Biohazard Sharps bin - Clinical waste referral is required from the district nurse or GP, but the majority of people with diabetes will already have the necessary arrangements in place. 


FreeStyle Libre sensors are programmed for sale in a specific market and are compatible with readers sold, compatible apps and software downloaded in that market:

  • FreeStyle Libre sensors in one market are not necessarily compatible with FreeStyle Libre readers or apps from other markets.
  • FreeStyle Libre users should plan on purchasing sufficient sensors from the same country they purchased their reader or downloaded their app from, to last the duration of their travel.
  • If planning a longer-term trip overseas, it is advisable to obtain a new reader or download a compatible app and software from that country, to be able to purchase and use the sensors available in that country.