FreeStyle Libre Videos

Explore the FreeStyle Libre system and learn more with our simple, short video guides below:

How to get started with FreeStyle Libre by understanding the components and how to use them

What’s so good about FreeStyle Libre? Discover the highlights

Getting started with FreeStyle Libre

Learn all about FreeStyle Libre, how to apply a sensor, setting up the FreeStyle LibreLink app on your smartphone and much more

How to apply your sensor so that it sticks firmly, stays put and gives you accurate glucose readings.

Learn about the right way to apply the sensor to your child so that it sticks firmly and stays put

Follow these simple steps to download and set up the FreeStyle Libre app on your iPhone

Follow these simple steps to download and set up the FreeStyle Libre app on your Android phone

Set up FreeStyle Libre reader. You can also use the reader with blood glucose and blood ketone test strips


Find out why Freestyle Libre sensor readings and finger prick blood glucose readings may sometimes be different

Learn about how to apply a sensor, setting up the FreeStyle LibreLink app on your smartphone and much more

What are the differences and why you shouldn’t expect them to be the same

FreeStyle Libre Tips and Tricks

Explore commonly asked questions and handy tips to help you get the most out of your FreeStyle Libre

Find out some facts and figures on how FreeStyle Libre may help

Here’s some commonly asked questions about travelling, removing the sensor and having medical procedures

A handy tips guide to help you get the most out of FreeStyle Libre 

FreeStyle Libre Australian Stories

Hear directly from our FreeStyle Libre community – see what Australians using FreeStyle Libre have to share about their experiences

See how FreeStyle Libre has changed Victorian Jiu-Jitsu blue belt Chris’ life, juggling work, martial arts and a passion for gaming.  See how he shares his glucose reports with his healthcare professionals.

Hear from NSW retired teacher Gay, on how FreeStyle Libre has given her the freedom to get on with her life and favourite activities like playing golf.  See which easy to access glucose report is her favourite.

Check out Victorian Surf Lifesaver Jackson on how FreeStyle Libre has been a game changer for him.  Watch how he manages his glucose on the go using his phone and his favourite report; Time in Target.

Victorian Marketing Professional Rebecca tells how FreeStyle Libre allows her to focus on her duties at work during the day and her family during the weekend.  Watch how FreeStyle Libre has given her increased flexibility in her life.

Discover how New Zealander Sophie, a cricketer, uses FreeStyle Libre and now spends less time thinking about her glucose levels and more time hitting sixes. See how she uses her phone to monitor her glucose levels to stay one step ahead of her diabetes.

Discover how South Australian cattle farmer Tyson gets the most out of his FreeStyle Libre and how it helps him manage his glucose levels whilst working on his farm - rain, hail or shine

Every day is different for South Australian professional photographer Leanne. Learn how FreeStyle Libre helps Leanne manage her glucose levels whilst staying on top of her busy schedule.

FreeStyle Libre helps Victorian father of three Gavin, keep up with his active lifestyle without worrying about routine fingerpricks.  Watch his FreeStyle Libre story now.

LibreView Tutorials

Learn all about LibreView, how to set-up your account and how to view and download your own reports

What is LibreView and how it works with your smartphone app or reader

How to view and download your reports from your LibreView account

An easy step by step guide to help you set up your LibreView account