My fingers are a lot happier now!

Author: Richard R., 69  

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After living with Type 1 for 53 years and a long term user of Freestyle meter systems I was more than happy to try FreeStyle Libre System. I was keen to try the FreeStyle Libre System as I believed it would give me better control of my blood sugar levels and stop the need to perform five to ten daily blood glucose tests using a lancet (after some 30 years my fingers had had enough!!).

Since using the FreeStyle Libre System I have found my blood glucose control has improved greatly. Being able to test whenever you feel the need is great (my fingers are a lot happier now). One of the significant benefits that I did not appreciate when I first started using the FreeStyle Libre System was the peace of mind it gave my wife. Suffering from hypo unawareness she can now easily perform a blood glucose test without having to "fight" with me to do a blood test even when I am sleeping. The FreeStyle Libre System also allows me to test my glucose levels discretely. I was able to use an old mobile phone cover to put the sensor. When I test in public it now looks as though I am using a mobile phone. 

I am definitely sold on the FreeStyle Libre System and will continue to use it.



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