No lancets means I can check my levels on the go and get on with life.

Author: Bryan V., 38  

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It's just so much easier to live the life I want to live with the FreeStyle Libre. No lancets means I can check my levels on the go and get on with life. Type 1 doesn't rule my life now.

I like to lead a fairly active life and before I had the FreeStyle Libre, making sure I was OK to go for a run, a surf or even mow the lawn was a big ordeal. Now it's a simple matter of a quick, painless check and I'm done.

Work too, is so much easier. I'm no longer self-conscious about checking my sugars before or even during a meeting as it's no longer a long, drawn-out process involving blood samples.

I also really like that the FreeStyle Libre is constantly monitoring my sugar levels - a pump just isn't necessary with this technology. I know what my sugar is doing all through the night and in between tests now - it's data I just didn't have before that helps me manage and better control my Type 1.

The FreeStyle Libre really has changed my life for the better.



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