Two weeks on (and 1 sensor) it gave such EPIC information.

Author: Lynda S., 47  

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I am 47, Type 1 for near 20 years and totally JURASSIC when it comes to technology.
Imagine my utter surprise when it was suggested I trial the FreeStyle Libre Sensor to help get a handle on why I am going low so often, and perhaps with a little insulin tweaking, help restore my non existent Hypo Awareness.
Blessed to be included in a study group, I was amazed (and relieved) to find that it was not as daunting as first thought and left cautiously optimistic that I may indeed be able to wrangle this tech beast!!
Two weeks on (and 1 sensor) it gave such EPIC information. Nearly every night without fail, I was hypoing out between 1.5 - 3.2 for about 4 hours and was not even aware!!! I slept through the whole event....every night!!!
After my Endo picked her jaw off the floor, we made some tweaks to my long acting insulin.
Fast forward another 2 weeks and whilst still not perfect, the "dawn dips" we not as severe, but I was still grossly unaware of the levels and continued my normal night's sleep.
So, feeling (still) a wee cautious, I inserted my first Libre sensor on my own and went about my life. I played netball, worked my job as a registered nurse, was a mum and did all the usual things I did. My FreeStyle Libre did not inhibit or hound me in any way. The other benefit I saw was my poor fingers. 10 finger pricks a day - 70 a week......and 2 weeks....that is saving a lot of abuse.
Back again to the Endo...and (sigh) still suffering the early AM lows but they again had lessened in length and bottom readings. Small steps I guess.
I am about to get now my 5th and 6th sensors, so I can again for the 2 weeks prior to my Endo appointment, track my BSLs.
Wearing a FreeStyle Libre Sensor has indeed "Libre-ated" my life.



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