Travelling With FreeStyle LibreTravelling With FreeStyle Libre
Travelling With FreeStyle LibreTravelling With FreeStyle Libre


Helpful tips for you to know when travelling with FreeStyle Libre

Travelling by air

When travelling by air, put your FreeStyle Libre sensors in your carry-on bag.

You can go through X-ray machines while wearing a sensor, however we recommend you notify security personnel when going through airport security screening.

It is recommended that readers be powered off during a flight and not used for scanning. Please check with your airline and follow their policy on NFC devices and plan accordingly. The strip port in the reader can be used to measure blood glucose or ketones during your flight.

Plan Ahead

Take enough sensors with you so you have an adequate supply.

When traveling into a different time zone, adjust the settings for the time and date on your FreeStyle Libre reader.

Read more to understand the compatibility of sensors and/or readers across different countries and markets. 

Note: FreeStyle Libre sensors are programmed for sale in a specific country and are compatible with readers sold, compatible apps and software downloaded in that market: FreeStyle Libre sensors in one country are not necessarily compatible with FreeStyle Libre readers or apps from other countries.

Handy tips for travelling with FreeStyle Libre & other helpful FAQs

Here’s a video tutorial of some commonly asked questions about travelling with sensor, removing the sensor and having medical procedures