FreeStyle Libre 2: Continuous Glucose Monitoring System (CGM)

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FreeStyle Libre 2 is now subsidised for ALL Australians living with type 1 diabetes

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Say goodbye to finger pricks^ and say hello to the
#1 Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) system worldwide§ 

FreeStyle Libre 2With automatic glucose readings sent to your phone, every single minute*

Free to upgrade.
Available now on
iOS and Android!

Free to upgrade.
Available now on
iOS and Android!

Simply update the FreeStyle LibreLinkØ app!

With FreeStyle Libre 2, get instant feedback on how food, activity and insulin impact your glucose levels

Optional Alarms

Optional real-time glucose alarms that notify you if your glucose levels go too high or too low.

Zero finger pricks

Free from finger pricks to dose insulin. Free from finger pricks to confirm hypo or impending hypo. Free from finger pricks when glucose is rapidly changing.

Unsurpassed 14 Day accuracy1

Especially in the low glucose range, when it matters the most.

Discreet and convenient

Check your glucose on your phone and share results anytime.

Powerfully simple

Easy to use2 and comfortable3 to wear. Enjoy all the features of a continuous glucose monitor without the fuss.

Continuous glucose readings

Automatically sent to your phone every minute, with no scanning required.*

How the FreeStyle Libre system improves glucose management

Increased time in range4-7

Clinically proven to reduce HbA1c8

Get glucose readings day and night

Share reports with caregivers and loved ones

See the impact of food and exercise on your glucose levels

Enhance your FreeStyle Libre 2 experience with the Digital Health Ecosystem.

Real stories, real people #WearItProud

"Having Freestyle 2 is a game changer. I love the system, it's discreet and easy to use and is perfect for anyone who is dealing with insulin sensitivity and lows who is also active. It's extremely accurate, I love sharing my numbers with my husband who can check on me even while I am out teaching a yoga class. I also love how easy it is to share what's happening with my healthcare team to get their feedback. 

Rachel, NSW

"Since using FreeStyle Libre 2 my glucose management has been so much better. With the graph, I had the evidence and so split breakfast into two small meals rather than one large meal and so removed the high BGL spikes. My wife has also not had to get up to me and feed me glucose at night since commencing using the Freestyle Libre 2!"

Michael, NSW

  • Henry, NSW

    "I’m a personal trainer and business owner of a gym. I was diagnosed with type 1 in 2014. I live a very active lifestyle and I love food and travel. I’ve been using FreeStyle Libre 2 for about 18 months. It stands alone as the only glucose management technology I use, due to how sleek it is in appearance."

  • Jess, Victoria

    "I was diagnosed as Type 1 in my mid 30’s. It came as a shock and I had to learn a whole new way of living. There was a lot to learn and understand about how to look after myself. The Freestyle Libre 2 makes everything so manageable. It makes the need to monitor my glucose 'something I have’ that I can manage. It doesn't define ‘who I am'.”

  • Michelle, WA

    "I find the alarms and the graph most useful. The results are easy to read and seeing the daily patterns really helps me understand and monitor my glucose levels."

  • Miranda, NSW

    "Having FreeStyle has been a nice way to show friends and co-workers what my levels have been like all day or all week. It's educating them and in turn, creating a better understanding of what people with diabetes go through on a daily basis."

  • Marni, Vic

    "I have been living with type 1 diabetes since I was 12 years old. The daily ups & downs can be very challenging at times, but I have never let it stop me living my life to the fullest. FreeStyle Libre 2 has turned my glucose management around. I was very slack with finger pricks and would often not know where my glucose numbers were sitting, now with a simple glance at my phone I'm at a much better HbA1c."

  • Jenni, Victoria

    "If you are thinking about making the switch don’t hesitate. This technology is a revelation for both your life and your health. The level of information it can provide is astounding and you will not regret it."

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+ The FreeStyle Libre Umbrella Gift with Purchase promotion is a special offer, and is only valid in Australia between 8 March 2024 and 12 April 2024. Limit of one FreeStyle Libre Umbrella per customer. FreeStyle Libre Umbrella bag will be automatically added to cart when two or more FreeStyle Libre 2 sensors are purchased. Users must be registered and logged into their account. Not eligible on transactions that include subscription, invoiced, subsidised or discounted items. For full terms and conditions please visit

** Available to new customers only.  See full terms and conditions.

† NovoPen® 6 is a registered trademark owned by Novo Nordisk. The FreeStyle Libre Link app works with FreeStyle Libre 2 sensors and is compatible with NovoPen® 6.

*Glucose readings are automatically displayed in the FreeStyle LibreLink app when the sensor has been started with the app, and the smartphone and sensor are connected and in range. Optional scan to backfill up to 8 hours of data following a period of lost sensor connection.

# Percentage saving based on the comparison to purchasing 12 sensors at full price with the average Australian shipping cost of $8.36. Actual discount may be higher or lower depending on the shipping charge to your destination. Terms apply.

§ Data based on the number of users worldwide for FreeStyle Libre family of personal CGMs compared to the number of users for other leading personal CGM brands and based on CGM sales dollars compared to other leading personal CGM brands.

◊Notifications will only be received when alarms are turned on and the sensor is within 6 meters of the reading device.



^ Finger pricks are required if your glucose readings and alarms do not match symptoms or expectations.

Ø FreeStyle LibreLink is a mobile application. Use of FreeStyle LibreLink requires registration with LibreView, a service provided by Abbott and Newyu, Inc. Data charges may apply when downloading the FreeStyle LibreLink or LibreLinkUp apps. FreeStyle Libre readers and sensors are provided by Abbott. 

The FreeStyle LibreLink app is only compatible with certain mobile devices and operating systems. Please check our compatibility guide for more information about device compatibility before using the app. The FreeStyle LibreLink app and the FreeStyle Libre reader have similar but not identical features.

∑ Transfer of glucose data between applications depends on mobile connectivity.

Ψ LibreLinkUp is a mobile application, developed and provided by Newyu. Use of LibreLinkUp requires registration with LibreView, a service provided by Abbott and Newyu, Inc. Data charges may apply when downloading the LibreLinkUp app. FreeStyle Libre readers and sensors are provided by Abbott.

♣ LibreView is developed and distributed by Newyu, Inc. 

Apple and the Apple logo are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

Google Play and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google LLC


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