The Federal Government’s new $273.1 million plan announced on 17 April will expand access of CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitoring), including FreeStyle Libre 2, to all Australians living with Type 1 diabetes, effective 1 July, 2022.


This expansion of CGM access has bipartisan political support, which means that from 1 July, all Australians with Type 1 diabetes mellitus can look forward to accessing subsidised FreeStyle Libre 2 on the NDSS (National Diabetes Services Scheme).


The unequivocal support this announcement has received from all quarters is a milestone for diabetes management in Australia. We are grateful to everyone – users, caregivers, healthcare professionals, peak bodies and others - for working tirelessly over the past several years to strive for expanded access for glucose monitoring technology.


Australia was among the first countries that introduced the Freestyle Libre system when it launched globally and is the first country in Asia-Pacific to launch the FreeStyle Libre 2.


Nearly 4 million people living with diabetes in over 50 countries, including Australia, trust Freestyle Libre's glucose monitoring technology. Come 1 July, 71,000 more Australians with Type 1 diabetes will be eligible to experience the ease of use and precision that Freestyle Libre 2 brings.


We are working with the Department of Health and other stakeholders on the next steps for the 1 July, 2022 implementation. To stay updated and hear about the latest developments first, enter your email into the 'Stay in touch' box below.


Stay tuned!