A positive first step

11 April 2017  

The Federal Government recently announced that eligible Australians living with Type 1 diabetes aged under 21 will now have access to Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) systems through the National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS).

While the FreeStyle Libre Flash Glucose Monitoring System is not part of the announcement, we at Abbott believe that this announcement is a positive first step in addressing the current limitations of blood glucose monitoring.

What does this mean for FreeStyle Libre? 

We will continue in our efforts to seek reimbursement (subsidy) for FreeStyle Libre on the NDSS.

Presently in Australia, FreeStyle Libre is intended to be used by people living with diabetes using insulin who are 18 years and older.

We are working with the Department of Health and the Federal Government to secure the subsidy of FreeStyle Libre through the NDSS. Although we cannot speculate on the timeframe required to evaluate the reimbursement of Freestyle Libre in Australia, we will continually engage them on the value of FreeStyle Libre for those whomatter to us most: You, our customers.

You’ve told us that FreeStyle Libre is a game changer, but did you know:

  • Australians 18 years and older also struggle with hypoglycaemia; a recent study demonstrated that nearly 80% of adults self-reported at least one hypoglycemic episode (mild or severe, day or night) in the past week1
  • A study in adults living with Type 1 diabetes has shown that FreeStyle Libre reduced time in hypoglycaemia by 38%, day and night2
  • The FreeStyle Libre Flash Glucose Monitoring System is the only system factory calibrated for up to 14 days and doesn’t require finger prick calibration*

I want to know more; how can I help? 

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If you are already subscribed to receive news from Abbott, we will endeavour to keep you updated as this journey progresses and how you can get involved.


*Scanning the sensor to obtain glucose values does not require lancets. A finger prick test using a blood glucose meter is required during times of rapidly changing glucose levels when interstitial fluid glucose levels may not accurately reflect blood glucose levels or if hypoglycaemia or impending hypoglycaemia is reported by the System or when symptoms do not match the System readings.

1. Hendrieckx, C., Hagger, V., Jenkins, A., Skinner, T.C., Pouwer, F. & Speight, J., Severe hypoglycemia, impaired awareness of hypoglycemia, and self-monitoring in adults with type 1 diabetes: Results from Diabetes MILES –Australia, Journal of Diabetes and Its Complications (2016), doi: 10.1016/j.jdiacomp.2016.11.013.
2. Abbott’s IMPACT is a six-month clinical trial involving 252 adult participants living with well-controlled type 1 diabetes across 23 European diabetes centres. IMPACT was published in The Lancet in September 2016. Data on file.

Reimbursement Update

8 March 2017  

Abbott’s aim is to ensure equitable and affordable access to the FreeStyle family of glucose monitoring systems for people living with diabetes. We know many of you have some questions around FreeStyle Libre reimbursement, so we wanted to provide you with an update. When will... Read More